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TRIGGER WARNING: Shocking GoPro-style footage shows Hamas gunman’s rampage. Video

The Palestinian group Hamas unleashed terror on Israeli civilians through surprise attacks, marking a disturbing escalation of violence in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, on October 7. It was a three-pronged assault, with Hamas terrorists striking from land, sea, and air, using guns and rockets to target both Israeli civilians and military.

Now, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has released raw Point of View (PoV) footage from a recovered camera of a terrorist, offering a chilling first-person perspective of the violence.The video documented an armed Hamas operative ambushing an Israeli checkpoint and subsequently attacking Israelis with assault rifles. The confrontation ultimately led to the operative’s demise at the hands of Israeli security forces.

The horrifying video, lasting three minutes, captures the Hamas assault vividly. It shows several militants on bikes and pickup trucks, armed with rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and Kalashnikov rifles. They were seen heading towards the Gaza-Israel border wall in a convoy, seemingly prepared for a violent confrontation.

As the operatives reached the border fencing, they crossed into Israeli territory, launching an ambush on Israeli forces using RPGs and assault rifles.Their violent rampage extended to a civilian area, where they unleashed indiscriminate gunfire on houses, even targeting an ambulance parked in the vicinity. An Israeli citizen inside one of the houses fell victim to their attack.

The assailants proceeded to reload their weapons and forcibly entered another house. Inside, they encountered an unlocked phone on the dining table, lights still on, but no people in sight. Despite their search efforts, they found no one within the premises.

The Hamas operative’s ambush ended in his death, as Israeli security forces mounted a counter-attack, ultimately neutralising him from a hidden location. The man was left on the ground, howling and screaming in pain.

Israel has accused Hamas of preventing Gazans from escaping to safety, effectively using them as human shields to protect themselves from Israeli counter-attacks.In an effort to mitigate civilian casualties, the Israeli military identified two specific roads in the Gaza Strip for residents to use in moving south, avoiding the potential danger of an impending ground offensive.


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