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320 people killed in fierce firing in Ethiopia, Oromo Liberation Army behind the attack?

Suspected The suspected death toll from gunmen in Ethiopia’s western Oromia region has risen. According to reports, on June 18, around 320 people were killed. It is being described as one of the biggest massacres
The suspected death toll from gunmen in Ethiopia’s western Oromia region has risen. Testimony from new witnesses shows that around 320 people were killed on 18 June. It is being described as one of the biggest genocide ever in Ethiopia. There is no indication that the attack was linked to a conflict in the northern region of the Tigray that began in November 2020 and has caused thousands of deaths so far. According to two people who narrated the incident, the victims were ethnic Amhars, who were a minority in the region.

Ethiopian PM calls attack a terrible act

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed condemned the attack in Oromia as a “horrific act” but gave no details of the violence. He said that attacks on innocent civilians and destruction of livelihoods by illegal and unregulated forces are unacceptable.

Oromo ethnic group politically marginalized?

The Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, are politically marginalized along with members of the Oromo as well as other ethnic groups and have been torn apart by the neglect by the central government. Abi Oromo is the first PM of Ethiopia. Although h some Oromos believe that they have outlived the interests of the community.

Oromo Liberation Army Convicted
The incident took place in the Gimbi region of Wolega, western Oromia. One resident reported that 260 people were killed, while another said there were 320. The citizens declined to be named for their safety. The Oromia Regional Government in a statement blamed the Oromo Liberation Army.

Know about the Oromo Liberation Army

The Oromo Liberation Army is a banned group of the Oromo Liberation Front that has been banned in the past as well. Thegroup The group was freed from exile since Abiy’s government was formed in 2018. Last year the Tigray People’s Liberation Front allied with the federal government group in the northern region of Ethiopia. There has been no indication of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s involvement in Saturday’s attack in Gimbi.

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